Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Artwork #8: Plexi-Tryptichon

This work consists of three photographies off the TV screen. They capture three CNN-text stories from around 2002.
Printed on transparent foil, they were hotglued to A4-sized plexi-plates. Of course they are all signed.

Lottery went through media on the first anniversary of "9/11", when the numbers 9-1-1 won the New York lottery.
Statue tells of the covering of a 9/11 memorial statue of a falling woman.
Last but not least Offbeat reports of a suicide mistaken for art, when a class of children found the body of a women who had jumped out of Kunsthaus Tacheles in Berlin.

Bids to start at € 150,- (per comment or email)

Monday, April 24, 2006

Artwork #7: Techne 1957-1999

Crafted by Martin Reiter 1995, this work has been stranded in Vienna for quite a while ... (i've been storing it for 6 years now).

So, if we could find a fit new owner - who must be ready to bid 1.500,- or more - this would be great!

Martin Reiter is currently managing, or "chaospiloting" Kunsthaus Tacheles in Berlin. He's involved in "old and new media" art since the 1980s.

Place your bid for Techne 1957-1999 in a comment on this post or mail to

Friday, April 21, 2006

Artwork #6: Foto-Blowup on Acrylic Glass

This one's called Mondhof über Fünfhaus (Moon Halo over Fünfhaus) and was assembled 2003. The photo was shot a little sooner in Fünfhaus, the district of Vienna i previously lived in.

Like all my blow-ups on acrylic glass it looks beuatiful in front of a weak light-source.

I'll let it go for €10,- or more.

Bidding for Artwork #3 has started!

The opening bid for #3, the Ceramic Ashtray, has come in per email from Anita Eichinger: €7,-
To place a higher bid within the next two weeks, drop a comment or email me at

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Artwork #5: Kal's Mobile Scratcher

This piece of interactive art was thrown on the yard by Kal Spelletich, Artistic Director of SEEMEN:

"you open the suitcase and the claw starts scratchting, like fingernails on a chalkboard!"

The Mobile Scratcher was created 2001 and runs (scratches) with 120V power.
Opening bid: $ 1.250,-

The item is located in S.F., California.

Artwork #4: Ceramic Earpiece

A single earpiece will go for not under 1,- (€, $, whatever).

(metal part is silver)


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Artwork #3: Ceramic Ashtray

This fine handpainted ashtray was heavily used for more than a decade (and is still in one piece!).

Now i am ready to part with it.

For more than 7€. Your bid please!

Current bid: €7,- / April, 21st / Anita Eichinger

SOLD: May 6th for € 7,- to Anita Eichinger

Artwork #2: Foto Blow-Up on Acrylic Glass

Blow-Up on transparent sheet, hotglued to plate of acrylic glass, 2003.
Title of photograph: Teufels Küchengarten (Devil's Kitchen Garden)

Lowest bid: 20€/$ (my kind of overseas discount, delivery will be more costly anyway)

Artwork #1: Ceramic Twin Candle Holder

The first piece of art gets thrown on the yard ...
Manufactured in the early 1990s it shows some minor damages.

Bids starting at €5,- are accepted starting now!

(click images for larger fotos)


Welcome to SHIFZ Art Yard Sale!
The idea is to get some works of art sold online - but easygoing, not in a rush of 10 days as on eBay.
This is how it works: an item is posted and then we wait for the first bid.
Bidding can be done via comment or e-mail to
Each bid will be published and then we'll wait for two weeks.
If and when for two weeks no higher bid comes in, the artwork is sold.
Payments per paypal or bank transfer.
Sounds easy, nay?